Month: December, 2010

2 years

Two years ago today I had my first round of chemotherapy. I still remember how I felt leaving the hospital: gently hysterical, slightly headachey, a bit surprised to be walking and talking, determined to Do Well, and with a tiny part of me gibbering with fear and wondering how long I could keep going for. [...]

Happy New Hair

I didn’t much mind losing my hair to chemotherapy – hair loss is such an integral part of our cultural framework of cancer that I think I might not have felt I Had Cancer Properly if I’d kept it. (I know lots of people do keep their head of hair, thanks to different chemotherapy cocktails [...]

World Book Night 2011

I was so busy telling you about how much I loved Sarah Water’s book yesterday that I forgot to tell you what brought it to mind: I have applied to give away 50 copies of ‘Fingersmith’ on World Book Night 2011.
World Book Night sounds fab – although I should warn you that although it’s called [...]