Month: September, 2010


I wrote recently about bringing a new focus of survivorship to Bah! to cancer. (Well, survivorship, books, and my lovely, lovely hair, which keeps getting in my eyes. How I love that.) So I thought I’d start by taking a look to see how the dictionary defines a survivor.
Here’s the answer:
survivor |sərˈvīvər|
a person who survives, esp. a person remaining [...]

Damned statistics

The other day I got a letter from Cancer Research UK, thanking me for my Race for Life fundraising efforts. It was a lovely letter, and apart from telling me what a splendid individual I am for supporting them and raising money (which is down to many of you, dear readers), it includes some statistics [...]

The Bah! BBB gets better

After publishing the last Bah! BBB book on offer – ‘Tiger Hills’ by Sarita Madanna, here – I had a lovely email from the author.
Sarita has offered to send a signed copy to the winner.
So there are now 2 copies of this fabulous book available for anyone in need of a good read.
You know what [...]