Month: July, 2010

Guest Blogger: Suzy

The following may come as a bit of a shock to the media. Brace yourselves, this is pretty controversial stuff. Ready? Here it is: not all women are fertile.
Not all women have ovaries or even a womb. Apparently they’re still women. I think I am (a woman that is) but I no longer have any [...]

Bah! BBB 1st August preview

For this round of the Bah! BBB, I’m going to try running 5 separate giveaways, one each week.
I thought you might like a sneak preview of the fabulous books that will be on offer on 1 August…..

I’ve given some more detail, and links to reviews, below. Also, clicking the name of the book will take [...]

The Answer

I am nervous about this post, which is probably why I’ve waited until I’m on holiday to publish it.
I’ve written a poem. I don’t know why publishing poetry feels more exposing than writing about every aspect of my dance with breast cancer, but it does.
Anyway, here goes. I hope you like it.
The Answer
‘So, why are [...]