Month: June, 2010

BBBB bonus!

I have three copies of a terrific book to give away today.

‘Their Cancer- Your Journey: A Traveller’s Guide For Carers, Family and Friends’, by Anne Orchard from Life in the Cancer Fallout Zone, is a guide to being the friend or family member of someone dancing with cancer. It has sound advice and useful insights and [...]

Mirror, mirror

This week, I haven’t been sleeping so well. It’s hot, so I put my restlessness down to that. But the dreams have been strange and disquieting. In my dreams this week I’ve been losing things; I’ve been trapped behind glass; I’ve been talking to people I know well who don’t seem to know me.
Also this [...]

Loose ends

As an aside from normal blogging business, a few things.
1. The Bra Of Magical Uplift is the aptly named Goddess Bra. The website is here. Happy shopping. (If you are a bra designer, look away now, as I don’t wish to make you weep…. I took the bit of boning out of the side as [...]