Month: January, 2010

9 reasons why I knit

1. My Grandma knitted. My mother, my aunts knit. I know knitting of old.

2. I can make things that no-one else has. I can choose the pattern, the yarn, the gauge, or make something up as I go along. Complete creativity. Complete control. (Joy might argue that these are also things that no-one else would [...]

Storm in a pea-cup

(Well, if everyone else gets to make pea puns, I don’t see why I shouldn’t.)

Nathalie, Diane and I arrived at Breast Clinic at 1pm and I was called to see Joe, the nurse practitioner who was my first point of contact when I went through the diagnosis process at St George’s in 2008. He confirmed [...]

Sometimes it’s hard to be a blogger

I’ve been blogging for long enough now for Bah! to cancer to have become part of my life. Every couple of days, or when there’s something to say that relates to my dance with cancer. I blog. I blog because blogs only live when they are constantly renewed. I blog because I enjoy it. I [...]