Month: November, 2009

Good taste

I love to bake. You may remember that I used to run a cake business, and spending an afternoon in the kitchen playing about with eggs and butter and coming out with something delicious at the end of it is my idea of a good time. Actually, the really ‘good time’ part of it for [...]

A change

Things have been a little bit different in our house this week. Yes, there’s been the tooth drama and a bit of flopping about and feeling sorry for myself by me. (My mouth is still sore, but mainly the injection sites. I still haven’t heard from the hospital.) But the big difference, the biggest change, [...]

Falling apart

Chemotherapy is not kind to cancer, which is the point of it, but it’s not kind to the body either. Hair, nails, gut, noses, sinuses, immune system, mouth, teeth, all take a hammering.

I’ve been having mouth trouble pretty much throughout. All of those lovely friendly bacteria get stripped away and the mouth becomes tender, [...]