Month: October, 2009

Two new things

First, a new haircut. I think it says something about my state of mind that I actually had it cut on Tuesday and have just got round to blogging about it now. Here it is:

And the back:

(Nice to see that the back of my neck has shed the extra weight it was carrying.)

What [...]

A reminder

I’ve been training in Glasgow this week. It’s been fabulous. Truly. But…

I don’t always sleep very well when I’m not in my own bed, especially when not-my-own-bed is very, very squishy. I don’t always sleep very well without Alan, either.

I was training a course that I love but that is very, very hard work [...]

Another anniversary

29 October 2008 was the day that I walked into St George’s Hospital a woman who had a breast lump under investigation, and walked out with a breast cancer.

What a year it’s been.

- I’ve been slashed (surgery), poisoned (chemotherapy) and burned (radiotherapy).

- I’ve gained three breast scars, three arm scars (from the [...]