Month: August, 2009

It’s a mystery

There was much excitement in my little corner of the knitting world when Alice from Socktopus announced the Socktopus Mystery Shawl Knit-a-Long, or SMSKAL for short.

For the non-knitters among you, let me decode that: a knit-a-long is when a group of knitters all knit the same thing at the same time, and compare progress, share [...]

On reflection

Now that I’ve had a day back from the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit, I’ve had time to let my thoughts settle, and I thought I’d share them with you. (I wasn’t having any thoughts of note yesterday. They were all along the lines of ‘knit two together, purl 3, yarn over’ and ‘am I too [...]

Know this

.. said Lance Armstrong, closing the Livestrong Global Cancer Summit.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder in this fight. Nobody is above, nobody is below. We are partners. And this is only the beginning.”