Month: June, 2009

Home again

I was discharged from hospital today, and am at home with a bag of antihistamines and steroids to continue what the IV drugs started. Here I am.

Not quite back to normal… but I now recognise myself when I look in a mirror, which is a great step forward.
I don’t mind telling you that [...]

Bah! to targets

(You had a contribution from Joy yesterday… today, here’s one from Alan.)

Yes, Sunday we needed to call on the out of hours oncology services at St George’s who once again turned up trumps. We reported, as instructed to A&E, where we were greeted by a sign over the reception desk “that we aim to [...]

Some good, some bad.

Hello-this is Joy reporting for BAHTOCANCER from Haydons road. Yesterday we saw the devistation that the ALLTO drugs trial has caused-and today we talked to one of the most badly hit, Stephanie Butland, St George’s Hospital, Rodney Smith Ward, Bed 18.
‘Well, some good, some bad,’ says Stephanie. ‘Let’s start with the bad- five attempts to [...]