Month: April, 2009

Sometimes, things just happen.

Yesterday, I was training, with my friends and colleagues Chuck and Joanne. (My policy with training, by the way, has been to tell delegates that I have had a cancer removed, as that explains the hat indoors thing, and the fact that I still occasionally struggle to breathe. I find that “I’m wearing a [...]


I went to the Royal Marsden for my radiotherapy planning visit this morning, having got over last night’s wobbles…. mostly. A bit of sock knitting on the tube on the way got me nice and calm, and the sunshine on the walk cheered me up.
The first thing that I have to say is that you [...]

Stage 3

So, here I am, on the brink of the third stage of my treatment for breast cancer. Yes folks, we’ve done slash, we’ve done poison, and now we are on to burn. Tomorrow I’m off to the Royal Marsden in Fulham for my ‘planning visit’ before radiotherapy begins in earnest next week. The ‘planning’, I [...]