Month: March, 2009

Not a lot to say…

… except that I am back on my feet. I’ve been hoping for an insightful/interesting/pithy blog post to churn its way out of my brain but nothing doing for now!
So I will just say…..
- This has been one of the worst weekends I have ever experienced: relentless pain and ridiculous levels of difficulty getting help [...]

Blow by blow

My blog post on Friday morning was, as it turned out, pretty optimistic. The sun didn’t shine. I cried and cried. The pain got worse, but we couldn’t really work out whether it was physical pain or all of the emotional stuff that inevitably goes with this dance, finally being released now that we are [...]

Yesterday’s gone

.. and I’m glad to see the back of it. What a day! Definitely my worst post-chemotherapy day so far.Firstly, I didn’t sleep well, despite the sleeping tablet, so I was tired when morning came around. I had a bath and dozed on and off through the morning. A bath and a doze usually perk [...]