Month: January, 2009


Given how much time and energy dancing with cancer entails, I think there are a few things we dancers should be exempt from.
1. Tax returns. (And indeed any kind of maths; my brain resembles a plate of mashed potato some days.) I don’t mind paying the tax, I just can’t cope with the deducing-what-the-form-actually-means-and-filling-it-in-bearing-in-mind-that-it-was-all-a-very-long-time-ago thing.
2. [...]

That iPM interview I’ve been going on about…

.. is now on the iPM website, in advance of the broadcast at 0545 this Saturday. Click here to head on over for a listen!

Learning to flush

You know I have a PICC line? I have a feeling I may have mentioned it once or twice…. perhaps not in the most happy of terms, though I am trying to get used to it…..

Anyway, the PICC line has to be flushed through, and the dressing changed, every week. When I had chemotherapy [...]