Month: November, 2008

The story so far – and the reason for the blog

I found a lump in my right breast during September this year.
Now, let’s get off on the right foot here. The sentence above implies that I have some kind of breast-examination regime in the manner of a proper grown up, but that’s not the case; I am the kind of person who, after buying shoes [...]

Chemotherapy – who knows? (I certainly don’t)

To the hospital on Wednesday last, to get the full results of the surgery. Good news: nodes are confirmed cancer free as is strange looking bunch of cells in left breast, which were, after all, just a strange looking bunch of cells in my left breast. Hurrah!
Not so good news: the cancer has been tested [...]

Things I’ve learned from cancer so far

OK, it’s early days. I don’t even know whether I’ll need to have chemotherapy yet, today was the first day I’ve been out for a walk on my own since the operation, and I still have breasts so bruised that Picasso would struggle to get the colours right. But alread I’ve learned some things…. in [...]